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If you call yourself a PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP ARTIST, then you have taken the oath to keep the health of yourself and your clients protected.  It is your JOB to keep harmful bacteria and viruses off your products, tools and station.  First, you must know the difference between CLEANING, SANITIZING AND DISINFECTING.  CLEANING: To make something free of dirt, marks, debris or mess, especially by washing, wiping, or brushing. SANITIZING: A chemical process to reduce the number of disease causing germs to a safe level for application. DISINFECTING: To free something from infection by using a chemical substance to destroy most, if not all harmful microorganisms including germs and bacteria.   Follow these simple rules to protect the health & wellness of your...

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Choosing A Makeup Case Is Like Purchasing Insurance!!

                             5 things to consider when choosing the right makeup case for you: What best serves your organizational skills and ergonomics? Is this a long term investment or short term investment? What types of jobs will you be doing and how will you be traveling to them?  What type of elements does your makeup need to be protected from?  What types of makeup will be compiled in your kit?  Yes, makeup cases are great for organizing your makeup, tools, and of course, making your travel easier when going from job to job. But did you ever think about how you are protecting your investment? Kits can be...

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Airbrush Makeup vs. Traditional Makeup

There has been a long time debate between these two styles of application; traditional & airbrush. Most veteran artists oppose this technique, claiming you cannot get the same natural look because you are not able to manipulate the product with brushes or sponges. I have also heard them say that it is difficult to get the precise value of the skin with airbrush. The complaints go on and on, but the truth is AIRBRUSH IS HERE TO STAY.   Of course, like everything in life, there is a time and place for airbrush makeup. This is the beauty of having a diverse makeup skill set. You don't have to airbrush everyone.  I have found that clients with really textured skin or that have...

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The Dany Pouch changed my LIFE!

What it is: A practical, professional pouch for organizing brushes, pencils, and makeup accessories.  What it does: This ultra sturdy and compact pouch is ideal for storage and easy access to your favorite products. This pouch easily breaks down into two sides for ultimate convenience during makeup application.  What our customers have to say: You can strap them to your kit using the elastics Easy to clean the inside with a little brush cleaner Can make your set up neater by using one side as a trash can or to hold other station essentials Keeps dirty & clean brushes separated  Travels easily  Easy to find the brush you need Allows room for you to keep a few brush sets Suggestion:...

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5 Tips for Better Liquid Lips

Liquid lipsticks have been a thing for a while now and they don’t seem to be going out of fashion.  Available in a variety of textures from matte to metallic, liquid lips offer a precise, long-wearing option for the lipstick enthusiasts and pro artist, alike.  While not difficult to use, liquid lipsticks can definitely present some issues if you apply them just like a cream lipstick from a bullet.  Here are five tips to using liquid lipstick products with success! 1.  Prep Your Lips Liquid lipsticks are drying, so if your lips are already dry to begin with, you will see that texture once the lipstick is on and …. it is not cute.  To prevent this, make sure your...

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