Disposable Subscription Service!

Preventing disease and infection when applying makeup is a huge element of any makeup artist’s job and one that can make or break your business.

 Without exercising proper sanitation protocols, you can easily spread cooties such as:


Herpes Simplex 1

Drug-Resistant Staph Infections

And more…

All pro artists should stock their kit with disposable mascara wands and cotton swabs, at a minimum.  Many others choose to carry a variety disposable applicators, swabs, cotton rounds, and much more to make their jobs easier. The problem is:  the more you carry, the more you must keep track of, inventory, and re-order.

Have you ever been on a job and realized you didn’t have mascara wands and you had to use a lash fan but it was too floppy and couldn’t get into the lashes like a spoolie would have?  How sad did that make you?  Have you broken down and used the wand straight out of the mascara, then gave it to the client or thrown it away?  That can get expensive, right?  More importantly, there is a risk that you'll forget you did that and use that same mascara on another client ....

What if you never had to think about re-ordering disposables, brush cleanser, or prep items?

 Introducing fik•tion's Disposable Auto-Replenishment Program

fik•tion's Auto-Replenishment program ships a variety of disposables to your home on a periodic basis so you never run out!  If only we could do this with tortilla chips!!

How It Works:

Step One:  Choose a Monthly or Quarterly Plan.  Do you want shipments to arrive every month or every three months?

Choose a Mini (choose 3 of the following products) or Maxi Plan (choose 4 of the following products)

50-pack Mascara Wands  
50-pack Spatulas
50-pack lip wands
50-pack Cotton Swabs
50-pack Sponges
5 packs Cotton Rounds
4oz Parian Spirit
4oz Lucacide
4oz Beauty So Clean
50-pack Wax Mixing Sheet
30 Sample Pots


Monthly Mini-Replenish

One time fee of $10 to join. 
Free shipping. 
$40.00 per month.
Ships on the 1st of every month

Monthly Maxi-Replenish

One time fee of $15 to join.  
Free shipping.  
$50.00 per month.
Ships on the 1st of every month

Quarterly Mini-Replenishment

One time fee of $25
Free shipping.
$80.00 every 3 months
Shipped on the first day of each new quarter (January, April, July, October).

Quarterly Maxi-Replenishment

One time fee of $35
Free shipping.
$100.00 every 3 months
Shipped on the first day of each new quarter (January, April, July, October).

What Else? 


When you pay in full for one of our auto-replenishment programs, you’ll get a FREE Make Up For Ever Dany Pouch AND your first month FREE!

So, come check us out!  Email us at for an application to this awesome program!


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