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Disposable Subscription Service!

Preventing disease and infection when applying makeup is a huge element of any makeup artist’s job and one that can make or break your business.  Without exercising proper sanitation protocols, you can easily spread cooties such as: Conjunctivitis Herpes Simplex 1 Drug-Resistant Staph Infections And more… All pro artists should stock their kit with disposable mascara wands and cotton swabs, at a minimum.  Many others choose to carry a variety disposable applicators, swabs, cotton rounds, and much more to make their jobs easier. The problem is:  the more you carry, the more you must keep track of, inventory, and re-order. Have you ever been on a job and realized you didn’t have mascara wands and you had to use a...

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All The Lashes, All The Convenience!

Behold, the power of false eyelashes! False eyelashes can have a huge impact on your finished makeup.  It can add definition to makeups that are being photographed from a distance, open up a monolid or hooded eye shape, or give lift to a down-turned eye shape. They can add major drama.... or be super subtle and virtually undetectable. Now that we've established *why* you should carry false eyelashes in your pro makeup kit, let's talk about how to stock them.  What would you do if you ran out of your favorite lash style on a job?  You could always improvise... Or you could pay $5 or $6 pair at a drugstore or beauty supply when you forget to reorder bulk...

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Introducing Michigan’s First Makeup Pro Store

Exciting news for Metro Detroit!  In January, the doors to 'fik•tion will open to pro artists, students, and the public – a place where you can become anyone or anything by mixing makeup with creativity and imagination!  'fik•tion is a professional makeup store located inside Multimedia Makeup Academy at 200 Kirts Boulevard, Troy, MI  48084.  What makes 'fik•tion different from your local Ulta or Sephora?  Let me tell you! Local Access + Pro Products + Pro Tools 'fik•tion will be open to not only local pro artists and students, but to the public, as well – giving all makeup lovers access to professional-grade products they would otherwise have to order online.  Online ordering is also available for our national artists, as...

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